Become a Mental Health Champion with Emotional First Aid!

Are you ready to become a champion for mental health? The Emotional First Aid Academy is on a mission to create 16 lakhs enablers who can help become a frontline of Emotional First Aid Providers in defence against India’s mental health crisis.

Our accredited course is designed to empower people who are NOT from a psychology background but who want to make a difference in their community. Here’s your opportunity to enter the field of mental health whether you're a stay-at-home parent, a working professional, or anyone in between, our flexible self-paced course makes it easy to fit learning into your schedule.

The Psychology Behind Emotional First Aid | Dr Chandrashekhar S on the need for EFA Academy

Join now and become a Mental Health Champion!

Voices of Mental Health in India | Bringing the Mental Health Revolution Home

EFA Course - fees structure

Admission fee: 499

LMS charges: 9900

Pre-recorded lectures fee: 31000

Live classes and interaction with visiting faculties: 17,802

Student development fee: 4299

Examination fee: 2500

External invigilator viva fee: 1500

SUNY Certification: 7500

Course fee: 75000

18% GST: 13500

Total fee (all inclusive): 88500 INR


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Emotional First Aid Academy

Committed to ending loneliness in India. We show people how to be there for each other.

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